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Pisto, what is Pisto? Pisto is a slang term for an alcoholic beverage (usually beer) in our Chicano culture. To continue with our vision here at San Diego Taco Group, we have created our third company Pisto Beer & Wine Bar Catering, to merge perfectly with our award winning food catering and to also be able to cater our original drink offerings from our brick and mortar facility SALUD.

We offer bartending to bussing services; you can also hire us as a cash bar to have at any private or public event. We have also created a beer and wine catering package perfect for any occasion. You can also build your own package that will fit your needs for special pricing. We do not carry a full liquor license, so our services are surrounded mostly by beer and wine, but we do offer our specialty drink menu, which we can use, Han Spirits. Han Spirits flavors include (Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Cinnamon, and Vodka Citrus).

We are not your typical bartending service. Pisto offers a unique menu, along with a mobile trailer bar. We were founded on the idea that we want to be able to give our customers a new and different experience, using traditional recipes to tell a story about our culture from the early days to modern time drinks and even hangover remedies.

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The perfect food to compliment our drinks, The San Diego Taco Company offers full service taco catering for any type of event. SDTC has been voted the best catering company in San Diego by San Diego by local magazine, City Beat. www.sdtacos.com


Salud is our authentic Mexican eatery in Historic Barrio Logan. Here you can sample the signature Pisto drinks and award winning food from San Diego Taco Company. www.saludsd.com

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  • Full Service Drink Catering & Bartending
  • Bartending Only Service
  • Drink Catering Only
  • Bussing / Wait Staff
  • Cash Bar (Public Event)
  • Hauling Trash

If budget is a concern try a No-Host Bar. Guests would pay for their own beverages. Typically, there is a Revenue Guarantee or Minimum required for this service. We can also offer Limited Host Bars with either drink tickets or a pre-set bar tab.


  • (Choose bottle or can) 2 Domestic
  • (Choose bottle or can) 2 Imported
  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Ice
  • Glassware
  • Napkins
  • Straws
  • Bartender: Standard tools include a wine opener, ice scoop, ice tub(s), bar towels

*50 person minimum event

$18 per person


Let us build you a custom package for your special day. Custom packages including craft beers and specialty drinks can all be included. prices may vary depending on how you want to modify.

Get a 10% Discount when double booking us with our catering division. The San Diego Taco Company.

WE CATER TO: All of San Diego County and surrounding areas. Anything out of San Diego County, there will be a travel fee acceded on invoice

CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITIES: The customer is responsible for making sure a reasonably safe, secure, level and spacious area will be made available for the portable bar. We definitely need to be informed if there is debris, stairs, or narrow corners that our bar might have to access.

We have no problem coming out to a venue to see the area we will be serving at before your event. All permit requirements for outdoor service (ie, parks, beaches, public areas) are the customer’s responsibility.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: There is a $100 deposit required for all orders and to “save the date”. We accept all credit cards (American Express must be paid for over the phone), company check, personal checks and cash payments. Remaining balance must be paid by company check, Cash or Credit Card only. Full balance must be paid 24 hours before event. (Payment arrangements available upon request). Checks can be mailed to PO BOX 13267 San Diego CA 92170

CANCELATIONSDeposits are non-refundable unless you have cancelled 14 days prior to event. There are no cancellations due to weather. PISTO shows up RAIN OR SHINE.

SERVICE CHARGE & GRATUITY POLICY: A 20% service charge will be added to every bill (unless otherwise noted) along with California State Tax. Please note that the service fee is not a tip. Our service fee goes into maintenance, overhead and insurance.

Gratuity or tips are customary in the bartending world. Pisto Beer & Wine will add a 15% gratuity to every invoice, unless customer allows for our bartender to display a professional tip jar. If tip jar is not allowed or not appropriate then customer will have to pay the 15% gratuity.

UNUSED ALCOHOL: Our permit does not allow us to leave any left over alcohol at your location when we cater/provide the alcohol. Please keep this in mind when requesting a quote.


Do you need to own a Liquor License to cater alcohol at an event?

Yes. The first step to cater alcoholic beverages anywhere in the State of California is to own a Type 47 or 48 (full liquor license) or a Type 41 or 42 (beer & wine only license). These licenses are typically held by a restaurant, hotel or licensed caterer. With one of these licenses, the licensee must then apply for a 58 License (sometimes referred to as a “Caterer’s Permit”) which then allows the licensee to apply for event permits (see below) to serve alcohol outside their licensed premises.

What is an ABC event permit?

An ABC event permit is required whenever a licensed caterer serves alcohol at a catered event. The ABC license owner files a request and pays a fee to the ABC with the event date, location, event sponsor, hours and guest count for the specific event. Once approved, the permit must be on-site during the catered event.

What is a “licensed bartender”?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “licensed bartender”.  Companies are ABC licensed, not bartenders, however it is always best to hire bartending staff from a licensed caterer or event staffing company. If a bartender says they are licensed, just ask to see their ABC liquor license.

Pisto Beer & Wine Catering
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